Business music from just $19.95 per month.

Business music services are expensive, require long-term contracts, offer repetitive music and use unreliable technology. It’s no wonder many businesses have turned to consumer streaming services like Pandora and Spotify, but they’re not great options, either. Eos was designed to be the perfect business music solution.

From $19.95 per month. No term contract.


Satellite antennas are expensive to install, prone to damage and misalignment, and cut out in bad weather. Streaming services buffer and stop if your internet connection stutters. Eos uses no antenna, doesn’t care about the weather and keeps playing even with an extended internet outage.


All licensing is included.

Right for a Your Customers

No ads. No DJs. No station IDs. No dead spots between songs. Consistent volume from song to song. Screened to be safe. Broad Spectrum Programming™ (BSP) channels cross traditional boundaries of genre and generation to appeal to the widest possible range of demographics, from millennials to boomers.

Right for Your Employees

Most business music drives employees nuts. The same songs, day after day. Eos channel playlists change at least once daily.

Right for Your IT Guy

Streaming services eat up precious bandwidth. Eos uses state of the art High-Efficiency Advanced Audio Coding (HE-AAC) to achieve good quality sound in just 22 kbps, allowing a reduction in data transfer of as much as 90%.

Turns Overhead Into Sales

Business music by itself is just overhead. Eos lets you make it a sales tool. For just $99 a year we can insert your own audio, video and image messaging into Eos music. Studies show that over 40% of people who hear “in-store” advertising messages make unplanned purchases.


Eos can connect to your existing business sound system (amplifier and speakers). Professional installation is available in most areas for around $100. If you don't already have a sound system, we can provide one for an unbeatable price. AMTC manufactures a full line of sound products, including amplifiers, speakers, digital media players and more.

Eos is provided through an exclusive agreement with Eos Music Corporation.

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